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Cat French turns sex trafficking relaxation spa into her headquarters

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I can only imagine the scene.  Cat French, founder of the anti-trafficking ministry Elijah Rising, is looking straight into the eye of the landlord.  She has just presented him with evidence that his building is a brothel and there is sex trafficking taking place.

The evidence is irrefutable.  A hidden camera.  The landlord is hesitant, but Cat is persistent.  Then she does the unexpected.  She tells him to rent the space to her instead.

The brothel was a known sex trafficking hub for many years.  Numerous attempts to shut it down have failed.  Victims have been rescued, city codes had been violated, and phone calls to local authorities did not shut it down.  Cat French, through the power of prayer and unwavering conviction did.

Sunday, June 30th, a team of abolitionists broke down the walls of the sex rooms, steam baths and the showers to make way for the Elijah Rising ministry and their outreach to fight against human trafficking.

Cat Dottie01

Dottie and Cat in the shower area

Cat Dottie02

Shower area.  Most electrical outlets and lights were black from so much moisture and electricity.  A fire waiting to happen.

Cat Dottie03

When a customer entered, the girls would line up behind the window for the man to pick his girl.

Cat Dottie04

Front entrance.  A customer would enter and the girls would line up behind the window.

Cat Dottie05

Just off of Hwy 59 and Chimney Rock.  Many drivers pass this location every day, unaware of what is happening behind closed doors.

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