Cantinera Documentary

About Cantineras

Cantinera Facts

The victims are women and minors who come from Latin American countries.

Recruiters use false promises of love or legitimate work to lure the women.

In some cases, the women are US citizens of hispanic decent who are targeted through advertising for “quick money” as a waitress.

The victims drink on average 20-40 beers per night, 7 nights a week. Those who are prostituted may have sex with more than 20 men per day.

Traffickers many times introduce drugs to the victims. This increases her dependency on the trafficker, making her escape even more difficult.

Traffickers will confiscate the victims belongings, including any false documentation to make her escape difficult.

Victims that are enslaved will live at the brothel or nearby, where they are constantly monitored.  They are transported by the trafficker.

Traffickers will move the victims from brothel location to location within a network organization to keep the victim from becoming familiar with her location and other cantineras.

Cantinas are set up as a legitimate business. They have some form of liquor license (depending on the state’s requirements).

Cantinas that solicit waitresses may expect the cantineras to meet a quota of liquor sales or face consequences.

Cantinas may serve as a hub where clients meet the prostitute, but the act of prostitution happens in an adjacent home, nearby hotel or “outbuilding”. Many times this method is preferred as the cantina is absolved of any criminal acts, placing blame on the “willing” victim.

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